Monday, November 13, 2017

My PBL- Volcanoes


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How do volcanoes form?
What are volcanic rocks?
Good and Bad Effects


This is a report about how volcanoes are formed, what they are and what impact volcanoes have on the world                                       we live in.
How do volcanoes form?
If you want to know how volcanoes are formed you must know the earth is made of four layers. First is the earth's crust which is probably what were standing on right now. Underneath the crust  is the mantle which is where all the magma comes from or you might call it lava. And underneath the mantle is the outer core which is made of hot boiling metal liquid. And underneath that is the inner core which is the center of the earth.

What are volcanic rocks?    


Image result for pumice
Image result for sulphur
Image result for obsidian
Pumice is made with lots of gas bubbles in lava

Sulphur is made out of lots and lots of tiny crystals and yellow bits called sulphur.
Obsidian is called volcanic glass and is made of very thick dried up magma and lava that has cooled really quickly.

Good Effects
Many of Earth’s most valuable resources are found in volcanic rock. These include minerals such as fluorine,sulphur,zinc,copper,lead,tin,uranium,tungsten,silver,mercury, and gold.
Fertile Soil
The richest soil is often found in places with volcanic activity. That is because volcanic rocks is filled with minerals and nutrients that plants need to grow. In Indonesia, for example, farmers can harvest three crops of rice a year in volcanic soil. Farmers planting on volcanic soil harvest much less.
Geothermal Power
Geo means earth and thermal means heat. Geothermal heat is produced in Earth’s core and mantle. It heats the rocks and water deep in the Earth’s crust. People can drill into Earth and use the heated water and steam to produce electricity in power plants.

Bad Effects
Volcanoes provide many benefits, but they can also cause problems.
Unusual weather In 1815, a volcano called Mount Tambora erupted in Indonesia. It was the world's biggest volcanic eruption over a thousand years. In the United States they experienced the coldest summer because the ash blocked out the sunlight and cooled down the earth and changed the hot weather into cold weather. So they experienced what is called the year without a summer

Disrupted air travel
Volcanic eruptions can stop planes from flying.  Ash clouds can be dangerous for airplanes because even the smallest piece can cause the plane engine to stop and the plane to crash.



  1. Ash   pungarehu  -        very tiny pieces of lava that come out of a volcano.
2.  Erupt  puhapuha -  to pour or burst out of a  hole

3. Disrupt  tutū   -       volcanic eruptions
4. Volcanic rock     toka puia     different types of rock that come out of a volcano

            Geothermal power     punahiko ngāwhā    the earth's heat power   or    geo means earth and thermal means heat


my 2 favourite events for our paralympic day was blind folded hurdles and the crawling race. I liked the crawling race because i like crawling sometimes. the thing i liked about the hurdles was that i got to be blind folded and i got to see what it was like to be blind. the reverse bike event was challenging because i couldnt really control it that much and it was really tricky. i had to use my perserveing muslces for it.  i used my noticing muscles to notice that i needed to do the oppsiote from what you would do from the front in the reverse bike event

P.E Reflection.

Today we played a game of blind throw and it was fun! This is how you play: You need 3 bean bags and 3 hola hoops This what you do:
First you sit in a chair 
Then you line up the hoops with three in a row
The person in the chair takes the beans bags 
Throw the bean bag over your shoulder and try and get it in the hoop
What was challenging; Trying to get the beanbag in the hoop was challenging because you could not see the hoop. It was hard to aim.
What I did well; I was good at telling my buddy to get more power and telling them which way to throw the bean bag. 
What learning muscles I used; I had to use my persevering muscles. 

Life Education

A Story Problem.
(story 1)Sam and Jane Were classmates.
Sam borrows Jane’s new School Bag without asking.
If  I was Sam, I would feel jealous. If I was Jane I would feel sad and bit angry.

(story 2) Lucia is in mrs parata’s office. She wants to ask mrs parata if can have turn as library monitor .
I would feel ok and happy.

(story 3)Naomi  is new at the holiday program and doesn’t know anyone. She want’s to join the group playing basketball. I would feel excited and happy.


Calendar art

Calendar art reflection
Today we did calender art. My art represents my family. The koru that has blue and green stripes is my dad. The koru that has love hearts behind it is my mum. The little small pink koru is me and the orange koru is my brother.
I drew the sea in the middle of my family because the  sea means a lot to me because I am a real life merman and that is my secret and My family goes to the sea a lot.
What was hard for me is tracing around the pencil with the pen. Im proud of everything that I have done on my calendar art because it was hard work and it took a long time for me to make it and I really liked the design i did.

Our Olympic rings 2024

    WALT write open ended questions and full answers

  1. What are the Olympic Rings/The Five Continents?
The rings stand for The 5 Continents that are: Africa, Asia, Americas and Australia. They are the “5” Rings but the continents stand for 6 colours and they are: Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, Green, also with a White background.
2. What is a Continent?
The world is split up into continents. A continent is a big bit of land. The continents in the Olympic rings are America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Each colour of the rings stands for a continent. Blue stands for Europe, black stands for Africa, red stands for America's ,yellow stands for Asia,green stands for     
3. What does the Olympic logo mean?
The olympic rings stand for the 5 continents. Each ring stands for a different continent. It can appear on any icon such as a flat flag. Why are they just like a Continent is because they are a bit of a land that can be a name for the country and has a colour to it.

The Olympic Rings
What you use  
  1. a piece of cardboard (big)
  2. a sharpie to draw logo on cardboard
  3. Colouring in pens
  4. 1 Paintbrush or more
  5. Paint such as yellow blue black red and green colors
  6. Scissors and a pencil
  • Draw the Olympic rings with the pencil first then vivid and the text with the name: The Olympic Rings 2024.
  • Colour the rings also the text. (But use the right one for the rings like do the colour yellow green blue black and red) You can also colour the text whatever colour you want. This also means if you  use a paintbrush, then make sure you can paint the rings softly or it may be screwed up.

Sam’s Reflection:
My Reflection was about the colours that can match the photo. The thing that i liked was about the drawing and the painting. When i was starting this is the first place, i said to myself: “wow this is hard as!” but this was a challenging task i liked.
What did well:
I was to persevere hard by my drawing skills and to colour/paint it, i was preserving though the task. This task was not the best but, was my favorite.
Marcus’s Reflection
When I finished my project I felt proud and happy because it took a long time and was a lot of hard work and i did not know if i could complete it. It was challenging to paint the skinny rings and stay in the lines. What I did well is painting.  
What I did well is:
The best thing i have done was to painting and drawing the design on cardboard.  
What I found hard:
Cutting the cardboard because the scissors were not sharp enough and the cardboard was quite thick. I used my persevering mussels to stick to the cutting and also make it a bit easier to cut through  the cardboard.
Why I done this: I done this is because I thought  it would be good for me to make the olympic rings. I thought it would be good because I thought it would be good to have some olympic rings for new zealand. IMG_0660 (1).JPG