Friday, March 17, 2017

My Special Place

My special place[is my grandma's house]

    Every time we used to go there our grandma gave us pocket money. She would just stash it so it was all ready for me and my brother. When I got home, I just put it safely on my draws until I need it. But only when my wallet is full.

My Grandma is kind and I love her very much because 1 time she gave us a 90 dollar not because they were very rich.but what is really sad about
Her is that both,my grandma and grandpa have Know died.

They had a very big back yard that me and Jacob used to play in. 1 time we played tag and it was lots of fun!!.

She was a very good Knitter. 1 time in 2014 she Knitted some cloths for my new baby cousin Zeta. The baby was a girl. Zeta is Know 4 years old. My auntie really appreciated my grandma's Knitting.


By Marcus


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All About Me

things about me

  1. Best memory
      My best memory is when well a very long time ago when i was a baby my granny holded me at kindy. As mum walked through the door with my granny. granny said to mum“can I hold the baby.”mum said yes. So granny did and after that we went home.

      2.      What makes me laugh     
My brother tells lots of jokes to me. he also has a dirty birty joke  book at home.the jokes are really funny. Also when my kitten simba brought a bird in then he still thought that it was inside under my bed.

3.              My best hobby
 My best hobby is going on my computer. Every day after school when I get home I will go on my computer and watch youtube videos. I watch these cool videos called kids snippets. kids snippets are when kids say their opinion of : science , baking , bullies and other funny things and then adults act it.

4.           One fact about me
One fact about me is on weekdays I sleep in and on weekends I wake up early.  My mum gets really annoyed when I wake up to late on weekdays so my brother wakes me up when he wakes up so I can get away with it. Also I get up early on the weekends to get my computer to watch youtube all morning in my bed.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

5 things about me

5 things about me

  1. I love swimming
  2. My name is Marcus
  3. My favorite food is McDonald's
  4. I love doing art
  5. I like writing

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Haiku Poem

Her legs are wide as.
She is super duper high.
Her hands are pointy.

She is quite tall.

Her legs are so really long.

She is so clever.